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Chinese Censors Working Overtime in Wake of Dissident Liu Xiaobo’s Death

Last week, Chinese literary critic, writer, poet, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and long-time civil rights activist Liu Xiaobo died of terminal liver cancer. Ever since then, China’s web of censorship and online suppression is reportedly working around the clock to ...

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How IT Can Save Our Healthcare System

The health care debate continues to rage in Senate, the media, and in the public discourse. Call it Obamacare, Trumpcare, AHCA, ACA, Better Care Reconciliation Act – the current law, and the current proposals in Congress to change it – ...

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20 Best Tips to Stay Anonymous and Protect Your Online Privacy


Private conversations should never be subjected to mass surveillance, but we now know that governments around the world (and in our back yards) simply don

Signal enables encrypted chat and phone calls with a system that helps verify the identity of your contacts. Folks like Edward Snowden and the EFF recommend using Signal to avoid surveillance, and the ease of use on iOS and Android ...

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Kaspersky Lab is Awfully Tight With Russian Intelligence

Yesterday, the Trump Administration released a statement indicating that Kaspersky Lab, one of the largest security companies in the world, would no longer be allowed to sell its products or services to the federal government. At the time, it wasn’t ...

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AT&T Attempts to Hijack Net Neutrality ‘Day of Action’ With Deceptive Webpage

Yesterday was the net neutrality “day of action” protest around the internet. Companies and websites posted messages of support for net neutrality, which is imperiled by a Republican-led Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Some sites even provided easy ways to get ...

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China Will Reportedly Ban Personal VPNs by February 2018

For nearly 20 years, the so-called Great Firewall of China has limited the ability of mainland Chinese citizens to access the uncensored internet. The laws used to give the government authority to regulate the internet were passed in 1997, and work ...

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NotPetya Ransomware Hackers Want 100 Bitcoins for Decryption Keys

The story of last week’s NotPetya ransomware outbreak has taken an unexpected turn. The ransomed funds have remained idle in a Bitcoin wallet ever since the attack was mitigated by Ukrainian authorities, but now the money is on the move. ...

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How to Set Up a Mesh Network for Your Home or Small Office

Traditionally, setting up Wi-Fi over a large area required a fair amount of sophistication. Doing it inexpensively often required repurposing low-end routers to avoid the high cost of dedicated access points (APs). That situation has changed dramatically, with literally dozens ...

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New CIA Leak Reveals Tool That Can Track Computers via Wi-Fi

A cache of CIA hacking and information gathering tools have been leaking online lately via in infamous WikiLeaks. Many of the documents detail complex and novel methods for infiltrating computer networks and mobile devices. Microsoft even had to patch the ...

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Windows 10 Has Halved Data Collection: Privacy Watchdog

When Microsoft launched Windows 10, one of the major flashpoints of disagreement between the company and its users were Microsoft’s Windows 10 data collection practices. The French data privacy watchdog CNIL (Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés) later announced ...

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