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UK air traffic controllers warn of over-crowded skies

Air traffic controllers are warning that UK skies are running out of ...

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Halle Berry Chugs a Lot of Whiskey at Comic-Con

Halle BerryChuggin’ WhiskeyAt Comic-Con 7/20/2017 2:31 PM PDT Halle Berry just showed ...

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New iOS 10.3.3 Update Fixes Critical Wi-Fi Security Bug

There’s a new iOS update out, 10.3.3, and if you use Wi-Fi ...

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The First Moon Landing Took Place 48 Years Ago Today

Humans have done a myriad of impressive things in space, from building ...

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Fujitsu Enters Deep Learning, AI Markets With Custom Architecture

For the past few years, the battle over AI, deep learning, and ...

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Kodi magazine 'directs readers to pirate content'

A British magazine is directing readers to copyright-infringing software, the Federation Against ...

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